It’s curtains for me.

Watching the royal wedding, (well – while watching royal wedding roundups – live viewing wasn’t an option in this house, not with the beard bristling and all…) I was reminded, (as I am at most weddings,) of Maria from The Sound of Music.

Now I have a deep and immutable feeling of love for this lady. We have many connections… First off; my strange childhood conviction I was destined for a nunnery. Secondly; my dad, who used to tease me within an inch of maintaining my childhood sanity by singing appropriately adapted lyrics to “Problem like Maria.” Proof of my devotion is that I never resented her for it even though I know there was little affection meant unlike those kindly nuns. (I think it’s only fair I point out I was a godawful child.)

The wedding made me think of those beautiful monochromatic shots of her sailing up the abbey launched by a flotilla of nuns. Sorry Kate, lovely dress but no nuns.

Anyway, I have realised another link. Yes I believe I was born into the wrong time and reality and should have been Maria. I have fashioned clothes for myself from curtains.

Ta da!

Anyone who’s been here long may remember this post about my wardrobe. As you can see I could do with a few key summer additions. I’ve wanted a long skirt – in a great printed cotton – for ages. Since prints are BIG right now (this comes courtesy of a Grazia in hospital waiting room – yes it was this years) I assumed it would be the work of a moment to pick up something I loved, cheaply.

I was wrong. I really wanted it for a family gathering on Easter Sunday and came home after a last-ditch saturdayshopping attempt disheartened. In this sad state I rifled through my fabric stash and pulled out this curtain fabric remnant I’ve been lugging around for years.

It wasn’t enough for actual curtains and I liked the print so much I’ve never been able to commit to a project with it as nothing seemed quite right until now.

I did, successfully, manufacture a garment from it. As in – I could wear it, it covered me and generally fulfilled the basic requirements of a skirt. It had quite a lot of volume… and the print is striking. These are fashion terms that, perhaps, would sound more convincing from someone elses mouth. Someone maybe, not in Gloucester, without a fine figure, who doesn’t prefer blending in to the background.

I am too cowardly to model it...I think the cushion does a great job.

 The volume and relative stiffness of the cotton made me feel at moments during the day a bit… – Tudorish. Not unpleasant. Quite swishingly satisfying. I will be wearing it again. I’m just not sure when I’ll get the nerve up again. Until that day I’m working on a denim skirt made from chopped up legs of Zeph’s old jeans with a patchwork strip incorporating offcuts of this nice fabric. Just in much smaller amounts.


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