Mischief maker

See, what I said was, “No milk right now darling, Mummy has to sort the washing out” and when I walked back in to a white lake in the middle of the floor and a face being hidden in hands I did wonder how this had been achieved. My small person was very happy to re-enact it.

I’d like to point out I can barely move that tool box. She has the strength of the hulk when she sets her mind to something. I try to see the silver lining during long days. This was a looooooooooooong toddler day.

I seek solace in the garden;

How great are chives? For those of you old enough to remember I was always very found of these Chives:

They appear at about 2.33. Actually looking for a chive clip is the first time I watched The Herbs as an unstoned *ahem* adult and blimey it’s odd… 

but I love my proper garden chives too.  I snip the leaves into all sorts, especially scrambled eggs and these beautiful fluffy flowers look and taste gorgeous in salads. There is something so exotic about eating flowers. It even gets salad happily down the kids throats.

The peony is still here, very pale and very fluffy. Still pleasing me – and the ants. It’s seems unbothered by the hack job I’m doing next to it on the anemone. It has a lovely hardy geranium smothered under its expansive foliage, I’m debating moving it but want to wait until some rain softens my clay hard earth.

Another shot from the bindweed hump, it’s much prettier as it gets greener. I have a vague plan of doing a slide show of these pictures. So you can see all the junk get pretty.

This is a shot of a miniature dinosaur garden Zeph and I made the summer he was four. He played with it every day that year but it’s allure and, partly, the dinosaur magic has worn away a little. Sitting on the bench today with my camera and a cup of tea I was struck by how lovely it looks just as a pot. I know it seems like I’m all about the flowers but I’m very fond of grasses (other than couch) and ferns. This new dark and shady spot I’ve carved out here could do with lots of ferns. It gives me a thrill to see how they glow in the gloom. 

This is a great pot. Used mostly for propping the conservatory door open the thing I like best about it is that it’s totally self seeded. It actually had a hebe in it that I allowed to die through shocking neglect. Have I mentioned I’m rubbish at nurturing pots? The forget-me-nots just self seeded themselves over the corpse. They look so planned in the blue pot and I’ve really enjoyed them this spring. Even my mum was impressed with my forethought until she saw my face and quickly realised the truth. Bah.

Todays BT’s; these last of the spring bluebells my mum brought yesterday. The sheer pleasure of flowers in a jamjar.

The fact that Zeph is home from school and happy to take charge of bossing Ida around and watching for mischief.

Spring greens and dragon pie for tea.

Zeph has had a better day at school, he seems bolstered by making up with Lexy and is looking forward to swimming which starts on Monday. We’re going swimming after school tomorrow so he can practise his diving.

Even though Ida has pushed me to the edge today I just feel grumpy and not desperate. I hope this is a good sign of climbing out of the gloom I’ve been in.


2 responses to “Mischief maker

  1. She looks far too adorable to drive you over the edge! I’ve been there! Hang in there! This too shall pass – far too quickly, I’m afraid.
    I seek solace in my garden as well. Those are some beautiful chive flowers you’ve got! Funny, I wrote my post today about gardening too – before I read yours. Cool!

    • Ha! an adorable pickle! I loved your garden post – I think mixing flowers and vegetables works really well, and you can’t go wrong with flowers you eat 🙂

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