The wonder of tank tops

The house is full of an eerie yellow light. There’s something deeply satisfying about being inside watching the rain pound down outside. Just before it broke Steve and I came downstairs after the bedtime pell mell and went into the garden.

The sky was dark grey, heavy with rain but the evening sun was shining hard. Overhead there were seagulls wheeling round, calling hoarsely, lit up against the black clouds. The hairs on the back of my neck prickle and it feels as though magic is waiting in the air. If I knew the right words I could bend the rules of rationality and science.

Leaning back against Steve I tell him that and he scoffs (I’m going to say lovingly) at me. “Don’t you yearn for a little wonder?” “Science is wonder.”

I’ll tell you what is wonderful people, only my bloody knitted tank top, Dah Da!

Oh it’s equally bodgetastic and precisely what I had in mind. I’m really pleased. I barely stepped out of my rectangular knitting comfort zone but it kind of worked. I didn’t count anything either just held it up until it matched. I did the back first and it was too narrow so I did the front wider to compensate and decreased at the ends when I started shaping the neckline.

this is actually how they looked...


I realise anyone who properly knits will be recoiling now. It’s a personal triumph though and I’m all about celebrating those. It’s just stocking stitch. When I started I got a bit confused and reversed it about six rows in (ie I pearled a row again instead of knitting, didn’t really notice until a bit further along and decided to leave it as an interesting trimming.) Roll with the punches I say.

This is Ida being very helpful by sticking her tummy out for a good shot. The colours are MUCH more beautiful than they seem here. It’s been a very grey day and I can’t work my camera very well. It was the most lovely wool* and worth every penny. Less than a tenner and I’ve still got half a ball left.

I’m going to try a hat next. Then – who knows – maybe an actual pattern….

I just looked out of the window and the rain has stopped and the sky is the most beautiful pink. We checked the minipond earlier and it’s overflowing nicely with no damage so all seems well. Apparently the kids have found hedgehog prints in the soil around it this morning. I get extra points for keeping a straight face.

Now the sofa is calling me with a trashy book and a glass of cherry juice that I have successfully kept hidden in the fridge all day. Oh you chintzy, overstuffed grubby siren.

* Sidar Snuggly – Smiley Stripes 80% bamboo and 20% wool


3 responses to “The wonder of tank tops

  1. i love it! I LOVE it!!!!!!

  2. A Life Less Simple

    Ok, I have come here to repeat what has already been said but I LOVE it TOO 🙂

    • yay – thank you! the best thing is Ida LOVES it as well (I’m thinking she’s what makes it look so lush) she told a woman on the bus yesterday that “my mum knit ‘im for me” and I was all beamy.
      Going to knit something else really quickly while she is a) still small and b) still easily impressed…

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