A boring conventional approach to painting – just one brush in each hand. The state of the table accurately reflects the rest of the house AND the inside of my head.

 Must. Impose. Order.

 Ida thinks = Hmmm – this seems more promising…

…don’t think I don’t know you were trying to keep the painting low-key by giving me tiny brushes and the water-colour box…

…mwhah ha ha.

 Is it heresy that I throw most of the paintings away? (into the recycling box.) I mean I keep a selection but we’re drowning under *stuff* as it is.  Today they were collecting the box and we came up to the gate as they were sorting it onto the van. “Treasure this is” the man said with a gloomy reproachful shake of his head at the armful of paintings. Well – I’ve birthed Midas so help yourself mister.

I comfort myself with the Reggio theory of it being all about the process not the product. Sarah, the owner at Zeph’s lovely nursery was a fervent proponent of the theory so I was spared the daily binning ritual with Z as the kids all collaborated on enormous murals and junk sculptures together.

Her pleasure in the paint and water is a BT all on it’s own.


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