I vant to be alone

Steve took Ida out for the morning today.

Oh what a perceptive man, or indeed, one able to read the desperate notes I’ve been leaving around the house along the lines of;

Someone help me..

please please please please please please can we arrange some time for me to be alone?

would it be wrong to put her in a cupboard…


and, ta da – he spied the way the wind was blowing. He offered me a choice of going out or him taking Ida out and I snatched the second.

I had breakfast alone. Scrambled egg, made the way I like it and coffee eaten blissfully slowly whilst reading. Then I spent the morning sorting through my fabric stash, making piles, dissecting fancy buttons and trimmings off old clothes, rolling up ribbon. As I sorted I cut out patches of cotton for this dress at the fantastic inditutes blog.

The minute I saw this whilst browsing I wanted to make it. Her tutes are beyond brilliant and neatly bypass my pattern phobia. I’ve been turning it over in my head and spent a painful evening calculating how many squares I needed. At the moment I’m zigzagging around the edge of each square as I don’t have a serger (and wouldn’t know what to do with one if I had one…) Only one hundred plus to go.

They arrived home triumphant with some chips to share and lots of things to tell me. Best of all they’d gone to the docks and had seen Gifford’s Circus set up at llanthony priory. My Mum and Dad are taking us on saturday and it’s a toss-up who’s more excited,me or the kids.

I feel like I’ve been away for the weekend, just four hours solitude has set me up. N is watching Ida for me on Wednesday so I can swim for an hour and I can’t wait. I feel annoyed at myself for not organising stuff before. It’s kind of my responsibility to ask for the stuff I need and I keep forgetting. Who knows, I may have the strength of will after wednesday to ring the child tax people (doubtful.)

Best BT’s today include the rainbow hat S trekked to a further out supermarket to get for Ida. My mum bought her one a few weeks ago and I left it at slimbridge the next day. I just couldn’t bear to tell her and have been very shifty about it to her…so pleased to have another and so is Ida who insisted on wearing it during tea.

Zeph’s joyful recounting of his school swimming lesson triumphs – he also got to wear pj’s in this evenings lesson, they’re starting basic life saving stuff. It was brilliant seeing twelve kids lined up all jigging with excitement at wearing clothes in the pool.. Good golly miss molly.

The last clump of irises are flowering in the garden. They are the most beautiful clear sky blue.


2 responses to “I vant to be alone

  1. I wonder why it is so difficult for us to ask for time for ourselves? It’s so important though. Lovely that Steve is so perceptive. A good man!

    • I know! So often I get so pent up then when I vent at Steve he say’s “why didn’t you ask?” and I don’t have a good answer. Gah. He is lovely and perceptive but the notes definitely helped!

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