Garden roundup

We’ve got loads of flowers to look at right now. Our morning garden tour is getting longer, these are the buds causing the most excitement today at camp Ida;

These seem to have survived the lily beetle plague that have decimated the ones in the garden. I’ve become a little savage in the stamping of those scarlet harlots. This ladybird narrowly escaped an untimely death, tucked up as he is in a ragged remains;

I love the way the foxgloves give my garden a woodland grove vibe

This is my beautiful iris;

All the lovely flowers distract me from the bindweed and mares tail which are staring to romp away. I’ve got to plant out the courgette plants and the beans really need to go out, but I need to finish clearing the space for them. The potatoes in the bags need earthing up

I also keep forgetting to sow more pots of salad. I have hundreds of seeds but am rubbish at consistent sowing so we lurch from surfeit to bare larder. At least the peas in pots experiment seems to be going well;

How lush are snapdragons? Honestly I’ve regressed to eight, Zeph is all about the “lush” at the moment and I’ve caught the word virus. What with that and the circus fever in this house at the moment sometimes it’s hard to pick out the adult.

Top BT’s so far today, Ida waking me up by kissing my eyelids very gently. She seems firmly ensconced between Steve and I with all her pillows, cuddlies and banket. “When did she arrive?” I ask Steve. “About 5..” I didn’t even stir.

Because we got straight up we had time to take breakfast into the garden and have ten minutes practising circus tricks on the swing and frame. I promise Z a trapeze  – I wish we had a big strong tree to hang one in, he’ll have to make do with it on the swing frame. He doesn’t care as long as he gets one.

Ida has built a robot out of some stickle bricks, lego and a yoghurt pot. She is very proud of it and has carefully climbed up to put it on top of the piano to show Zeph when he comes home. It really looks like one too. I’m impressed.

Yesterday still buoys my mood, I move around the house being productive and patience comes easily for once.


4 responses to “Garden roundup

  1. I love your garden – what gorgeous flowers! My garden is my haven as well. I’ve got lots of flowers. I’m getting ready to plant veggies for the first time, but am having to amend and work the soil big time – we’ve got lots of clay here in Louisiana. (P.S. I love the name “Ida” too – unique & beautiful!)

    • Thank you so much! My soil is clay as well – I’m convinced compost is the answer, if only I was better at making it 😉 – the stuff we have done has really helped though. I love my flowers SO much but veggies are really satisfying, especially with the kids. What grows best in Louisiana? and thank you about the name 🙂 she’s an Ida Mae and we think it really suits her – all the best – hope your day is packed with BT’s 🙂
      (oops – three smiley faces – emoticon overkill, it’s because your comment made me beam)

  2. You reminded me, I MUST run outside and photograph my massive courgette flower today, before it ends.
    It was SO exciting to see it open yesterday.
    Your garden is wonderful, with or without beetles, bugs and butterflies.

    • flowers! amazing – blimey I really must get it together to plant mine out. It is exciting isn’t it? I give full rein to the squealing pretending it’s all about Ida but it’s just how I feel inside. You’re right and I adore all the humming insectlife but I will miss my beautiful white lillies – my G’ma told me to keep them in pots *shakes head ruefully*

      I am nearly speechless in my admiration at your shirt to dress makeover – it is the most lovely thing – will be back later to pore obsessively over it 🙂 xx

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