Crochet yay

I am a hooker.

Brief pause for everyone to snigger.

Look at that!  Although I’d appreciate it if you didn’t look too closely. The tutorial I’m trying to follow is this one at Attic24. ( I do love Lucy.) I’m optimistically beginning my christmas bauble stash right now. Also these were the things I saw last year that made me really want to learn to crochet.

I kind of thought it’d be easier than this. I’m usually a pretty quick learner at craft stuff. I mean, never neat or accurate but I like doing stuff with my hands yet I’ve found this ludicrously difficult. Which is why I’m so happy with this botched old lot. So you’ll all have to bear with me..  

Possibly my favourite bit could be winding the cotton into those balls, isn’t that a kittens wet dream?

I think I definitely learn better by doing it wrong then redoing. How serendipitous. I was worried that my inability to count the stitches properly or always put the needle in the right place would mean I couldn’t make stuff. Luckily I think that, just like patchwork, I can see how it would look better if I did (I mean I just look up at the screen at Lucy’s) but I’m really happy with my slightly wonky version.

This is the yellow bit I was talking about before. I like the corporeal evidence of me not knowing about turning chains, feeling a bit puzzled, using Google, then correcting my error.

I like those lines as well.

Apologies for the dreadful picture quality. The colours are actually gorgeous, really vivid. They were a present from my sister and she has the best taste. See this piece –  much straighter.

I’m riding on the crest of a crocheted feelgood wave. It has even carried me over a great deal of Ida helping today.

She likes to hold the wool for me and pass the squares for me sewing up her patchwork dress. I can sneak myself ten minutes here and there by setting up stuff she likes, paint, play dough, a washing up bowl full of bubbles. Inevitably though she drifts back to what I’m doing. Mostly this warms my heart. I remember sitting at my mum’s feet sorting through the button tin. Standing next to her fashioning stuff out of the pastry scraps. Holding my hands up for Granny’s skein while she wound it. Watching the grown ups.

When Zeph gets home she transfers her loyalty. Like a little drop of mercury she’s never far from him. Poor patient boy.

Perhaps you’d like these cars and this fire engine with the really shrill siren to help with your maths Zeph? Ah – homework…

Yay! Going to do the other side now. Sod the washing up.


6 responses to “Crochet yay

  1. that’s not basic stuff you’re doing there! that’s amazing!!!!!!!

  2. you are doing long stitches!!!!!

  3. “Isn’t that a kitten’s wet dream?”
    LOL, literally. I mean I literally laughed OUT LOUD.
    Thanks x

  4. growingthings

    I Love Lucy too! Many of her wee crochet tutorials have saved me from turning up to a friends celebration sans gift.. You should be rightly proud of your efforts! x

    I also made baubles for friends as Christmas gifts last year and they were really well received. Well Done on the early start I am NEVER that organised lol!

    • 🙂 Thank you – I’m working up to that scrumptious ripple blanket! I almost always do tree decorations as small christmas presents and I think people are tired of salt dough 😉 . The early start is more about lack of faith in my hooking skills rather than organisation!

      Actually I haven’t even finished that one as I got sidetracked by fiishing Ida’s patchwork dress to wear to the circus today. Zeph received it this morning by saying, doubtfully, “you don’t think people will think she’s with the clowns?..”

      Outrageous! Ha!

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