Futures, in support of the No Child Born to Die campaign

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Gemma from Hello it’s Gemma  in this post as part of the blog hop and meme started by RedTed. I’ve read all these posts and found them all really moving and interesting.

Here is the link to the Save the Children campaign information. I’ve already signed the petition which you can do here. It takes about 30 seconds, please do.

Vaccinations are something we take for granted. So much so that we’ve recently seen a rise in measles cases where an irresponsible study and a media frenzy convinced many parents it was worth forgoing them. How nice to feel as though you have a choice.

The future is uncertain for all of us but it’s a damn sight rosier right here. Whatever you may feel about charitable aid, vaccination programmes only work if they’re distributed among the majority of the population. These vulnerable children need so much more for a brighter future but this is an excellent stone in the foundation wall. Save the Children are ideally placed to put pressure on governments and pharmaceuticals to cut their profit margins  and to distribute and administer this scheme free of corruption. So please sign the petition and let them know you think it’s important.

I’m not sure what lies in Zeph and Ida’s future. Ida, at two, is still grasping the concept of “in a minute.” Right now, after the weekends Gifford’s trip, they’re making plans to run away to the circus. My nerves are shot from dashing to cushion the backflips off the sofa and Idas ‘hilarious’ attempt to juggle with the breadknife and a glass.

I’m cheating a bit here in my rush to get this post up but this is a project Z did last term at school. It’s what he’s good at now and what he wants to do in the future. He’s good at swimming, chess and handstands, he wants to open a restaurant that just serves fish dishes from around the world and that you’ll have to exit via a slide shaped like a golden eel (hence the restaurants name.) In his spare time he’d like to be a werewolf.


Whatever their future is I hope it’s happy and healthy and I would like to dream that the world looks a little different. At the very least I hope they’ll be “making small changes with great love”

I’m not going to tag anyone else as we’re so close to the deadline date of May the 29th and most of the parenting blogs I read have already participated but if you’re reading this and would like to join in please do.

 If you’re reading this and don’t but still would like to do something then PLEASE sign the petition. (here!) Thank you lovely people.


4 responses to “Futures, in support of the No Child Born to Die campaign

  1. Hehehe may my children never want to run away to the circus – juggling knives.. crikey! Fab post! And love the “cheat” – as it is an AWESOME picture!!

    And it is all about Save The Children! Thank you for supporting them and their petition!


    • Thanks so much for commenting – It was a real pleasure to write a post about such an inspiring campaign – every signature helps I hope.

      It’s been a real joy hopping through all the posts and pictures, I love all these brilliant, big futures our children dream for themselves – may they all come true (except maybe the vaudeville knife act..)

      All the best – Laura

  2. Thanks so much for doing this. I love this picture and Ida’s juggling does sound hilarious but then I’m not the one driving to A&E!
    Maggy/Red Ted has commented too – she thinks you will find her in the spam! X

    • No – thanks for the tag 🙂 your lovely boy has the most striking eyes! I hope he always makes music.
      The juggling is alarming yet funny – luckily we’re literally round the corner from A&E. When we moved here Zeph kept telling random people that and we’d get funny looks…

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