I would keep myself

I had a load of blogging stuff planned…well kind of. Great day today, good friends stuff  – an amazing surprise birthday present and a short but sweet visit from a friend I don’t see often enough.

I got sidetracked into looking at a crochet pattern I really want to make and trying to puzzle out what a “magic circle” is. More of this another time. Then I sat down with a cup of tea to untwine and marvel at each one of a treasure trove of buttons from H’s own button tin. Every one is perfect and special and has its own travelling story. The best bit of her gift is the fact she read my whining about my own tin getting a little light and chose to share some of her hoard with me. Or maybe the best bit is how she threaded them all and garlanded her basket with them. Or maybe the very best bit is the happy hour I just spent unwinding and loving each one.

I have pictures. Are you kidding? They’re buttons – of course I have pictures but they’ll be awaiting because Walk The Line is on Film4 and I’ve been distracted.

I love Johnny Cash. I don’t even care what’s cool and what’s not. I defy anyone not to watch this video and not thrill to the pain, love and life in his voice. Give me a voice cracked with sorrow, whisky, hard living and loving any day.


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