Hairy issues

What I think is that the Goddess inside me is as hairy as she bloody pleases.

A woman at the swimming pool congratulated me yesterday on being brave enough not to shave. I didn’t know what to say to her. For a start I was taken aback, I don’t know if I’m extraordinarily uptight but I wouldn’t dream of commenting, except in an extremely positive  way on someone elses appearance. We, (my sister and I,) were always brought up to believe beauty is all about the inside and that good manners are about making other people feel welcomed and comfortable and not about redrawing obscure rules in the sand to prove you are in the right. Unlike Julie Birchall et al I don’t believe in assigning uniforms to feminism. Surely high heels have piss all to do with anything? but a sliver of me understands that we de fur ourselves for the male gaze, although it’s usually other women who raise the hue and cry. Who can forget the witch hunt that pursued Julia Roberts at the merest glimpse of armpit fluff?

It does seem that not employing the razor, wax or fish odoured cream is infinitely more shocking than any piercing, tattoo combo. If you really feel you have to then fair enough – I have no wish to judge you but must you judge me? Maybe you could decide why you really have to succumb to the pressures of advertising, the rapacious greed of proctor and gamble , the unthinking impulse that it’s hygienic, compulsory and a badge of womanhood.

Say’s who? and why?

Maybe the sheer bulk of my “fine figure” really releases me from all the other magazine imperatives. Not completely as I still take the time to tweezer out the strange whiskers that appear with increasing regularity on my chin and face these days. Why is this? and how do they escape my notice until they’re inches long and resemble a cats whisker?

This Venus is furry, what of it?

Counting up my beautiful things today.  ≈ It’s lovely to see Ida on tip-top demonic form after a very sick weekend. Was heart wrenching seeing her all pale and subdued so watching her haring around at the park in the sunshine was deeply gratifying. ≈ Good to sit in the sun with friends watching the kids all shed shoes and socks and get very red in the face climbing, spinning and swinging. ≈ Zeph executing the perfect cart-wheel on our way across the grass to the gate on the way home. ≈ The mars bar ice creams N bought to the picnic. ≈ Nearly finishing the first knitted baby hat. ≈Ida, asleep in her cot with no attempt at nest-building.


4 responses to “Hairy issues

  1. Agree it is wierd to make comment although sounds as if she was expressing that internal feeling most women prob have, that of feeling they have to but wishing it wasn’t like that.
    Lovely moments to be grateful for. Neat building amde me smile!

    • clearly exhaustion is the answer to bedtime wrestling!

      No, I’m sure the comment was kindly meant – just surprised me, also made me feel squirmy as I thought instantly of all the actual bravery going on right that second.

  2. I love your first line – I second that!

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