Hungry Caterpillar Sundress

Well I set the alarm to try another early start today as yesterday went so well but it was a snooze button fail all round. I think a few early reflective hours before everyone else rises will work better as an occasional thing. Ahem.

Buoyed by yesterdays excellent start I made the dress I’ve been picturing since my mum gave me this fabric;

 I had a really clear idea in my head of how I wanted it to look but no clue how to achieve it. All things considered I’m overjoyed how it turned out. I get a lot of satisfaction from tracking my learning curve. I cut a pattern out of paper to try to get the look I wanted. Remembering how flimsy my previous bodice was I doubled up the pieces and I cut a whole circle out of paper and then trimmed it so the skirt had swirl but was level. Mistakes I made this time were; not matching the thread, sloppy seams, not leaving enough allowance for good hems and my usual – rushing at it. Trouble is sewing is never straight forward with a toddler helping.

Was M&D tea time today so the dress was duly trotted out, twirled about in and smeared with jelly.

I love how the bodice came out, a bit 50’s, a bit prom dress. Every time I see the fabric it makes me smile. Earlier on I found her sat on my Dads lap, her skirts spread round her telling him each thing that hungry caterpillar ate.

She is beamingly pleased with it all and even submitted to quite a lot of trying on and pinning very cheerfully. My best BT this evening was when she asked me to read her the dress.

Ta Da! Not sure who’s more pleased; her, mum or me. Secretly I long to wear clothes like this. Who knew I’d be using my daughter as a clothes horse, it seems so unlikely. Zeph is getting cross about all this Ida sewing. I sent him to bed tonight with an instruction to think of what he wants me to make for him. (NOT a frock coat Z – I mean it…)


7 responses to “Hungry Caterpillar Sundress

  1. wow that is sooooo amazing

  2. very well….cute!

  3. I’m eeally impressed. I love it! It looks a really good fit and the bodice works really well. How does it do up at the back? My issues are usually with the fastenings, can put a zip in to save my life. You are definitely getting better with each creation.
    Zeph would suit a frock coat!

    • I’m with you on the fastening Hatz – a zip would of been the best option, basically it’s bodged, with a button. Zips are my next challenge….. I’m mid baby bootie at the moment and completely mystified… Please don’t tell Z that lol – he’s yearning after a ringmasters jacket but I think that’s a LONG way off on the learning curve. mwah to you gorgeous xx

  4. I have just added your blog to my reader and have been taking a look through your posts. Wow, this dress is amazing. I bought some of this fabric a few months ago (only a little, it was more expensive than I would normally spend on fabric) and I love it so much I want to buy more. Im making my son an apron out of it so he can wear it while helping with cooking. Love the fabric and love your use of it – what a lovely, unusual dres for your little girl. xx

    • Oh an apron is a great idea. I loved the material as soon as I saw it but was too pricey for me too. Luckily my wonderful mum stepped in like a fairy godmother. I had to wriggle the peices around to fit the dress onto the fabric I had but I was really pleased how it came out! She loves it which is always a relief, she’s not loved everything I make! It’s one of her favourite books as well 🙂

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