counting my BT’s

Ida’s helpfulness today has been slightly hindered by her insistence on using her ‘robot’ arm for all tasks.

It’s basically a ruler, and frankly, not as helpful as one might think a robot arm would be. She has alternated between the robot and being a cat. No, sorry, not a cat, a baby leopard.

I can see me getting tired of this pretty quickly but for now it’s one of my best BT’s today. Others include; a) catching Zeph reading under the cover with a torch. He’s just started Artemis Fowl and I think it may be a hit. It makes my heart swell with pride catching him straining his eyes like that.

b) I just ate the most perfectly ripe, juicy nectarine. I made a dreadful sticky mess but it doesn’t matter as I’m off upstairs for a shower before I crawl into bed.

c) Writing out a b’day card for one of my loveliest friends earlier. I’m such a slacker I forget b’days all the time – usually cards are late. If I can just follow through and actually get to a post box this one may be on time. I feel all Mary Ellen. (If only I had washed up…the illusion would be complete…)

d) I shook all the old crumbs out from under the toaster earlier – there was enough there to make another loaf – astounding. The birds had a good time and I must remember to do it more often.

e) Ida and Zeph spent half an hour building towers this evening then kung fu-ing them down. A couple were taller than her. They praise each other up to the max – I love this. You go girl was heard. Brilliant.

f) The rain is good for the garden. Everything is fervently green and luscious. Well, everything that hasn’t already been ravaged by slugs.


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