It was Zeph’s parents evening tonight. It is ridiculous to still feel uncomfortable sitting outside a classroom at my age. It’s also really hard not to assume your children are like you. I mean – I know they are their own people – just some things strike such resonant chords with me that I instantly award him the rest of my remembered woes. Clearly not the case as he already has better social skills at eight than I do.

Never mind all that – my hollyhocks have finally unfurled;

 Ignore the rusty leaves. In fact this clump is so rusty that most of the leaves have fallen off and there are just spikes of promising buds. 

 Ignore the poor savaged conifer in the background, it was not me. It belongs to the ukrainian catholic church next door who are very tidy and lean on my fence and sigh at the weeds.

 These are the sherbert lemon ones. Not the best photo known to man but things conspire against me you know. I prefer the more open flower and so do the bees, this clump is covered in humming loveliness.

Also very rusty. Oh well. These two clumps are towering over my little garden and I love it. If you lie on the ground they soar up into the sky like church towers and you can hear the vibrating bees. So worth the enormous clumps of leaves which shelter masses of snails. I hanker after delphiniums as well but they never seem to survive my rapacious mollusc population whereas the spiky leaved hollyhocks do quite well. I never seem to succeed with seedlings – maybe I should beg a well established clump from someone instead.

I finish my flowery interlude with a shot of the last lily which is doing its wholehearted best to compensate for the other sad, lost, beetle-gobbled stumps.  

 The scent this sunny evening from just one bloom made me feel all giddy. You can’t ask more than that.


4 responses to “Hollyhocks

  1. That lilly is amazing I love lilly’s one of my favourite flowers xx

    • I know – i love lilies! I had quite a few in the garden last year but they’ve mostly been lily beetle eaten this year. I love their soapy smell – gorgeous.

  2. Your hollyhocks are incredibly beautiful. My garden has been a bit stunted by the drought – hose water just isn’t the same as rain water. Luckily, we’ve had a few afternoons now of good, heavy rain. My flowers and veggies are loving it!!

    • Oh yes – there’s nothing like going out in to the green after a long soak and everything is springing up – fresh and lovely. We’re in a period of rain at the moment and my tomatoes are very glad since I’m not very good at remembering to water 😦 Glad the garden is looking well – are you eating much from it yet? We are abundant in courgettes and salad leaves!

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