Schools out..

The school year is over. They came out at two and we hit the fair which opened that afternoon.

You have to embrace the trashiness, the sugar, saturated fat, shoving and shrieking. It’s not always easy. It doesn’t help that I’m too fat/old/scared/physically incompetent to go on rides. There’s always a certain amount of bargaining about which rides I’m happy for Z to squander my cash on. A lot of “maybe next year ” is heard. 

I definitely prefer wandering around the rides at night when the lights make my heart skip in pleasure but despite my assurances it’ll still be here when he gets back after his week away he’s not willing to take the chance.

Ida flung her small self wholeheartedly into the trashiness embracing by insisting on wearing a slightly tattered and too big Tinkerbell dress my aunt found in a charity shop for 50p.

She loved this roundabout – Steve and I remember Zeph loving it as well. He always liked the fire-engine. There is something deeply satisfying about the route of the track, with ups and downs that are exciting enough for toddlers, the carriages have bells to ring and it’s next to  a food stand so I could inhale the fair smell, composed of burnt sugar, onions, cigarette smoke and diesel fumes that makes my skin tingle in anticipation.

Later on in my garden looking fondly at the scabious which has sprung up in my wild grass patch I realise I’m looking forward to taking Zeph back for one last ride on the last day. We’re going to watch the fireworks really which start at 9.30 so we’ll get to wander around the rides in the dark watching the lights and smelling the smells.

I only do it for the kids though…

beautiful Hetties Pincushion


6 responses to “Schools out..

  1. “Embrace the trashiness” – love it!
    It’s amazing what you can appreciate if you really put your mind to it (though pretty flowers take a lot less effort 😉 )

    • ha! actually I’m a bit of a sucker for the trashy – I have a yen for a Coney Island style boardwalk, a big wheel.. Gloucester summer fair in the park doesn’t quite hit it but the smells were good 😀 Ida spent today wheeling her push along bug over all the furniture boxes – making her own rollercoaster!

  2. What a lovely way to finish the school year, love the costume and as Rachel says ’embrace the trashiness’ you have to sometimes, and you’ve done it with style 🙂

    • 🙂 Thank you! let it never be said I cannot embrace my inner redneck! I had to hide that tinkerbell dress this morning as it was filthy and she kept fishing it out of the laundry. She kept stripping off in protest…

  3. You’re an awesome Mum.
    And that’s all I have to say about that.

    • right back at you lady! this morning I am not awesome – I am the WORSTEST mum in the world – in fact some eight year old boys wondered why I even bothered having children if I was just going to TORTURE them (told him to turn off Pokemon so we could go out…to take him to his arts workshop which he loves – gah!) 🙂

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