Patchwork curtains

Huzzah – curtains. These are deeply satisfying for several reasons – the first being it’s been a while since I managed to make something more than tea or a bit of a mess. Another is that they’re all from my scrapbag so genuinely pieced together from bits and bobs to make a new glorious whole. Finally, Zeph loves them, as does Ida – they love to draw them in the day and look at them glowing like a cross between stained glass and boiled sweets.  

 It doesn’t matter that it’s all a bit wonky and that I used different bits of cotton to back them…  Look I freely display my sloppiness… 

A lovely friend who makes “proper” patchwork hisses at the centres of my pinwheels that do not meet and the lack of colour plans or balance. It’s not what she calls patchwork. It makes me giggle because I see what she means but also it’s the very definition of patchwork in that I took some patches and made them work…

I’ve got two big bits of foam that I salvaged from the old bed and I’m making covers for them in the same way to make floor cushions. Bunkbed summer seems to have worked out okay. Ida’s not actually sleeping in her bed yet but is very pleased at the prospect and Zeph is busy rearranging his treasures on the new shelves and spaces.

All my fingers and my relationship with Steve survived the construction process which, frankly, is a miracle worth celebrating. Resting on my loins slightly I try to avoid looking at the mouldy cupboards that need crow bar-ing out in the kitchen…

Lots of BT’s at the moment – having Zeph home after a week away – although he’s yearning a little for country living. Right now I’m drinking a tall glass of pink grapefruit juice over ice. I have lots of ice. It’s very hot and ice is free. I keep making more in my two old battered trays and fill up old margarine tubs with clinking blocks ready to lavishly chill my drinks. Getting home after the long sweaty bus journey to fetch Zeph from his art workshop this week we all rush to the bathroom for baths and showers. Ida splashes for a long time in a deep cold bath while I sit on the floor in the breeze from the open window and read a book. We can hear Zeph singing in his bedroom, checking on him I find him lying on his back with his legs up against the wall reading a book. I have one of those sudden rush memories of my childhood, like a jolt in the arm. We have bread and cheese for tea with the reddest, ripest tomatoes ever, they smell of  green vines and summer.


6 responses to “Patchwork curtains

  1. wow wow wow!!!! I think their the best patchwork ever! Are there patchwork police? boo hiss to them then!!!

  2. These are fab! It’s quite funny that someone should think there’s a right and a wrong way to do patchwork – you’re using up scraps and making something beautiful – that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

    • I know! Poor Tash – I feel bad for teasing but she’d be the first to admit she’s a bit crazy about everything being perfect 😀 Her quilts are VERY beautiful and one day I may buy all fabric specially for a patchwork project and end up with something as harmonious as hers! It feels a long way away though… and the satisfaction of making something lovely out of things that someone else would have thrown away is one of the best bits of the whole process for me.

  3. Laura! This looks amazing!!!! What a fabulous room!! Gorgoeous! Can’t wait to catch up! xxx

  4. Well now, now that the Tallest has seen their bedroom – she wants me to redecorate! Blimey – curtains and the bedroom both look amazing. X

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