Duck stuff

We went to Stratford Park in Stroud today. We caught the bus that takes an hour winding through twisty steep country lanes just so we could peer into tiny walled gardens and pick our favourite cottages.

Everything is still luminously green but autumn was definitely in the air. Streaks of red and gold caught my eye and the ground in the park was littered with beechnuts, tiny green acorns and the occasional conker.

It’s a great park but we’d gone especially to see these guys;

 Ah – ducks. They just make me feel good. I like the sound they make, the way they walk, the way it feels when they peck your hand for bread. I’m especially fond of their feet…

 Once we’d filled them up with penicillin riddled spelt bread (lucky ducks…) we found a bench for our picnic;

 Look at that – we know how to picnic let me tell you! The kids polished off most of it. Ida was very taken with the wooden chopsticks that came in the sushi sandwich pack and insisted on using them to eat everything. My favourite picture is this one…

 Basically Ida has swiftly stolen the last nori roll and hastily stuffed it in whole. Like a samurai picnic-sushi thief. Outrageous. Zeph was only mollified by the appearance of a squirrel to hand feed with  mum’s lunch nut selection which she grudgingly allowed.

It was a great day.

From troubles of this world I turn to ducks.. F W Harvey


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