I definitely, no doubt about it, see blue sky.

It was a great long weekend in Weymouth. We packed in a lot of stuff;

Beach time,



sandy toes,

stone fishing,

more ice-cream,

feet burying,

brotherly kindness,

and beauty all around us.

It was, overall, very happy despite the usual tense holidaying-with-small-people moments. Ida was very taken with the caravan and was in fact horrified to find us getting off the train in Gloucester on monday. The walk home from the station resounded to her strident shrieked demands to go to HER cawavaaaaaaan!

 I enjoyed the simplicity of a home without clutter for four days which has hardened my resolve to do some life laundry around here. What I savoured most was the ability to be happy with the simplest things. Of going with the flow, letting plans go and appreciating the moment. Whether it was burying feet for the millionth time, feeding a squirrel, dropping stones into water or playing the tu’penny shove machines.

I also really appreciated how patient Zeph can be with Ida and how much he enjoyed showing her stuff. Her squeals of joy in everything really ramped up the pleasure. The train journey home was slightly more fraught then the one going. I was overwhelmingly impressed with Z’s staying powers in teaching a small sister to play snap;



Now if we could just convince her not to shout it every time she turns a card over…


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