Arachnid autumn

Ooooh. It’s very hot.

I’m all in a muddle as I recently stirred myself to sort out Ida’s heap of clothes passing on all the smaller (summer) stuff and looking through my bags of hand-on for larger more wintery items, (that actually fitted.)

It is very unlike me to be so organised and look how it’s paid off – summer is back. I was actually forced into action by none of Ida’s clothes fitting but still…

It is still autumn though. The garden is festooned with gravid garden spiders. I’m quite sensible about spiders and not too squealy but I can’t stand the feel of these hitting your neck when you accidentally walk through a web. It makes my skin crawl so for now I surrender the garden to them. I’ll go in and cut stuff down and dig about after the first frost that’ll send them packing.

When we stand on my paved patch outside the back door picking some herbs for stuffing we can see about a thousand spiders suspended in their airy webs. Ida backs back into the house and I follow.

On the way home from picking Z up from school we find four glistening webs lined up in a row between some bushes. Ida peers through them at me. We try to catch it in a picture

 As we walk away hand in hand, Ida clutching her obligatory handful of yellow and red leaves I say that the spiders are very pretty. She hmms and agrees but she still doesn’t want them “on” her. Now do our views agree or have I passed this on to her?

 If it is my doing then I’m very sorry blameless, pretty spiders.

I’d still prefer it if you could avoid touching me though.


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