Lava lamps at home

Zeph just marched into the room with his lip wobbling and tears streaming down his face.

” I can’t believe you’re watching James Bond without me!”

He’s livid and quite inconsolable. I push my chair away from the desk slightly so he can lean against me. His shoulders are stiff with fury. I rub his back as Steve and I take turns telling him that it’s late at night, we watch Bond together if it’s on in the day. Rainy bank holidays. Slow sunday tea-times. It is a school night – he has to go back up to bed.

Quivering with rage he points an accusatory finger at us, ” while you’re down here, watching it, having fun and laughing – without me?”

I’m running low on sympathy. “Yes.” His father offers a token theme tune watch before returning to bed. More lighter fuel on troubled waters than oil. “Why would I want to do that? – I don’t care about the theme tune – I’m going to miss the FILM!”

Do you remember finding it hard to imagine your parents with their own life? My parents were quite young when they had me and were each others first sweethearts but Zeph is continually appalled and astonished by photographs of us with earlier partners. On other holidays, in other houses. Familiar furniture in other unsettling settings.

I just broke the camels back with the straw like observation that the reason he’s so upset is because he’s TIRED. There was flouncing and doorslamming. Gah. 

I don’t even like stupid James Bond.

Double gah.

We did this amazing experiment found on Science Sparks, a website full of fantastic inspiration, after school today. It went incredibly well and the kids were satisfyingly enthusiastic. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Although it got a bit scary at one moment when I lost control of the Alka-Seltzers and they were intent on making one of the bottles explode….

 I had the good intention of taking some photos while they were doing it. Pause for some hollow laughter. Did I mention I lost control of the Alka- Seltzer’s? So these were taken with just the grown ups, down here on our own, having callous heartless fizzing fun to the back drop of Robbie Coltrane doing a very dodgy russian accent.

Ooooh – the hedonism.


6 responses to “Lava lamps at home

  1. A Life Less Simple

    Lovely – do you reckon they’d work to decorate my allotments?

    You do such lovely things all the time x

  2. so glad you liked it! Thanks for the mention!

  3. oh very nice!

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