Something has to be done with the leaves stacking up around here…

 This satisfying hour of sticking used up a few…

 I’m loving Ida’s intense concentration here – there was a certain amount of bossing from Zeph about correct leaf positioning and the markings of particular owls but he eventually accepted leaf medium restrictions.

 It really required very little effort on my part and wasn’t that messy… miraculous! I’m on this side of the table getting on with some sticking of my own in my feeble efforts to build up a bit of craft fair stock. It’s only looking at these pictures that I notice how out of hand the tottering piles of “stuff” on the piano is getting.

We have a lot of “stuff” here you know. Now including a happy array of owl leaf colleges.

 Just what I needed…

2 responses to “wOwl…

  1. “he eventually accepted leaf medium restrictions.” – Love it!

    I had to look at your photos a few times before I saw the stuff to which you referred, and then I looked across at our piano… it’s a close thing, you know (though ours is mostly covered in tools and bits of electrical stuff right now. We need more happy owls!).

    • 🙂 I did crop some of the tottering pile horror. Tools and stuff sound productive, more than a steampunk style techno pirate octopus – I’m starting to question the wisdom of joining our local recycling resource centre… 😀

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