Jungle Questions

 Well the very fabulous (and grooving) Kate from Kate at Thin Ice  has tagged me in a jungle meme. This is very exciting as it’s given me a chance to pretend I’m being interviewed by Dimbleby…one of my favourite childhood imaginary games.

So I thought I would have a little fun with blogger friends old and new and start a new meme type thing. I will tag a few people, hope they join in and pass on the jungle baton to other bloggers.

It is very simple to do and the rules are as follows

1) Answer the 10 questions and consider the mission.
2) Tag a blogger or two or more to do the same
3) Come back to my original blog post and tell me you have done the questions and answers.

I have tried to make the questions Ok for those who watch the television programme and those that don’t.

1. What one thing about being a parent makes you scream “Get me out of here!”

One thing?  I’m not very good at committing to a one and only choice. Right now, after a long and weary day at Ida’s beck and call I’ll settle on being in thrall to a toddler.

2. What skills, if any, do you have that would be useful in the jungle?

Well in my misspent youth I was sent on a survival course in Snowdonia where I learnt to build shelters out of branches and to make delicious insect rissoles. Mmmmmmm. Just wait til you haven’t eaten for a couple of days…you’ll be begging me to whip some up! 

3. How are you likely to annoy people if you were stuck with them for 3 weeks?

Very. I like to think I’m clear-sighted about this stuff. Also, it’s three weeks – who wouldn’t be annoying at some point?

4. What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

Mock Duck. I was a vegetarian most of my life before Zeph and my darling Dad found this heinous stuff in a tin on a dusty shelf in a health food shop. Which is where the glutinous TVP style substance should have stayed.

5. What luxury item would you take into the jungle with you?

A bed, a huge one with lots of pillows and a  sun canopy and a stack of books and magazines under one of the pillows. Oh and an orange, because I love reading and eating oranges in bed and Steve loathes it… and my cat Mittens curled up on the foot so she can eat all the spiders for me.

6. What is the most daring thing you have ever done?

Living with an open heart.

7. Who would you miss most if you went into the jungle with a bunch of strangers?

Despite the earlier whining – the kids, definitely and Steve. Jenni Murray as well, I’d really miss womans hour… maybe I could take one of those wind up radios. I’ll put it under one of the other pillows.

8. What celebrity alive or dead would you like to have with you in the jungle?

John  Seymour. An often consulted guru in my hippie house when I was growing up. He’d whip me up a lathe and spinning wheel in a moment.

9. What would scare you about being in the jungle?

How small it was. There’s not much left you know.

10. After leaving the jungle, you go to a luxury hotel. What would be the first thing you did on reaching your hotel?

Ring home   :o)

11th mission should you choose to accept it is to tell us why the person who tagged you is a star. (For the uninitiated, stars play a big party in the television programme)

Kate’s a star to me because I love reading her posts. There’s such a huge variety and I always enjoy them – even the darker ones. I feel like we really connect and isn’t that always a sparkling gem in day-to-day life? Best thing about blogging…  Thanks for tagging me Kate – it’s been fun! 

and I’m tagging….




6 responses to “Jungle Questions

  1. Loving number 6 to bits and have lots of things to follow up as this so reveals your intelligence. Will be back when not rum-fuelled but thanks for taking time to do it and not seeing it as beneath you which I am sure it is really. Great to hear from you always. Hoping you are off to Britmums Live so you can hold my hand when I wobble at the very idea of speaking

  2. i wouldn’t mind spending 3 weeks with you in a jungle! I might annoy you though!

  3. I have finally done the Liebster blog thing and linked to your blog. Thanks again.

    • Thanks Kate 🙂 you say lovely things and they lift my heart! I really appreciate it, great round up of interesting blogs as well. I just copied and pasted the logo from the blog who passed it to me… x

  4. I have finally finished the questions lovely Laura. And I have tagged Bex and George as well.

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