Small Things – yes that’s you too Clarkson.

Ah Clarkson eh? 

Haven’t people got their knickers in a twist about it all? Yes, he said an ignorant uniformed oafish thing. Is this not how he makes his money?

Personally I think he’s an arse. Just like I did when I got up in the morning yesterday. I am furious, enraged and calling for some kind of action, from the bloody government not an overpaid under-endowed lout in stonewashed denim.

Also if anyone caught me ranting about my list of first-against-the-wallers they might well be appalled. Of course I understand that the man has a media platform and hence a responsibility but I still think the people I’ve heard expending energy on the slow news day story should redirect it to the real badhats. I’m looking at you Cameron *grrrr*

This is how bad my living room looks at the moment. Not only am I trying to finish off a couple of orders and prepare for a craft fair on Sunday – I am also whipping up a few animal masks for Zeph’s Xmas show of Roald Dahl’s Jack and the Beanstalk.

It’s involved me rooting through my boxes of fabric for scraps that look like feathers for a seagull, rooster, eagle duck and two chickens or fur for a sheepdog, donkey, horse, pig or two goats.  *sigh*  At least I get to hide here at the keyboard picking pva glue off my fingers (really – it’s addictive!)

I actually love making costumes for the play. In fact all dressing up, facepainting, denbuilding activities are a big hit here. We struggle more with the tidying up, clean jumpers, washed dishes, clean kitchen floor end of things.

I bought a new washing up bowl this morning. It might not sound earth shattering but it is purple. I’m trying to feather the nest a little. A clean sink definitely helps my mood. Although I don’t always succeed with my new years resolution of washing up every night before bed I usually manage a bowl first thing in the morning chaos. I think  a purple bowl is going to please me on a daily basis. That’s a good return on a £2.00 investment. 

As always – it’s the small things. Which I accept may not be riveting reading… 

Another small pleasure today is the cigar box of buttons my G’ma slipped me over coffee yesterday.


Buttons. Reliable joy.


3 responses to “Small Things – yes that’s you too Clarkson.

  1. I want a purple washing up bowl now! What a brilliant idea to put a pleasing object in the middle of such a tedious task. And aren’t cigar boxes such lovely things? Especially when filled with buttons 🙂

    • Yes! I am happy to report while still not exactly skipping to the sink it has cheered me hugely. 🙂

      I think cigar boxes filled with buttons must be pleasure squared. My G’ma who has a huge stock of them worked briefly in a london theatre as a wardrobe person/dresser just after the war and said they were de rigour for the actors grease – anyone with a proper box was sneered at.

  2. You should have linked this up to #groovingmums. A purple washing up bowl is a definite sign of getting le groove in your life.
    Love your living room. All that clutter, my Hotel Inspector on Acid brother would have a fit if he saw it. That image pleases me a lot.
    Wondering where you live as in what county. Nosey aren’t I?

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