Do you like my snow?

Anyone who reads this even semi regularly may have noticed my recent itchy finger on the colour background. It’s because I love my snow SO much I want it to show to full advantage (which it does on a navy blue back but then you wouldn’t be about to read the ramblings…oh noes!)

I actually am thinking of last years whites outs rather fondly…nostalgia and all that. There’s something satisfying about weather that conforms to our storybook imaginings. Also I’d always rather be too cold than hot, I think this comes from being ‘nicely covered’ as Della with the fine figure at swimming says.

Zeph and I romped home triumphant from a very happy craft fair yesterday. I managed to resist spending my profit (except for some irresistible button earrings ) and to keep a lid on Z’s joyous spending (there was a pocket-money toy stall) Some really kind friends and family showed up in support and that was maybe the best thing although the relief of hard cash is also warming my mercenary heart.

Actually one of the best things was Zeph, in the apron my resourceful cousin dug out for him, trying out a few trader gestures. He had a really engaging way of pressing the cards with my contact details into people’s hands. I still marvel at the fact he seems to have better social skills than me, how has this happened? Whatever the process I’m deeply grateful. One of us has to be able to ask the price of things.


7 responses to “Do you like my snow?

  1. Congratulations on your success. The cushions look beautiful.

  2. Well done my beautifully talented Laura! I have to confess I have been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and both Craig and I are completely addicted to it. I had to read from the beginning, you write so beautifully and honestly that so many of your blogs are inspiring. You touch my heart with every word and inspire me to see the beautiful things in everyday life and to be the best parent I can, so thank you. Told you the stall would be a success x

    • What a lovely comment to find – thanks Becky 🙂 I really appreciate such kind words, will keep me smiling all day. Bit more frantic sewing today for the stall at the Cross on saturday, gah! Much love to you all xxxxxxx

  3. Just seen the patchwork bags. Lovely, I adore patchwork.
    All my children have far better social skills than me but that is saying nowt as I am totally inept in that department. I just know when I get to Britmums Live my followers on the blog will be deeply disappointed. I can be warm in writing and despite feeling warm just struggle to get that across face-to-face.
    You make me think, quite rare in blog world to be honest so well done you

  4. I want one of those cushions. Actually I want three or four! Let me know if you’re doing a craft fair in Stroud. I wish I had the patience to do things like that. I used to when I was a teenager.

  5. I do like your snow – and your amazing crafts. I think it would be fun to spend a day at your house!

    • 🙂 Thank you Dana – hope you and yours had exactly the christmas you wished for. Ours was full of love and laughter…and glue! with lots of crafting with the kids. No real snow though! x

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