Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and Very Happy Birthday Dear Blog!

Do you know I think this is the very first New Years Resolution I have ever made and kept?

I’m not the weakest willed person in the world. In fact I’ve made some massive life changes and doggedly stuck to them but not usually on the first of January. It just seems an ill omened day for those big changes…

But look – here is dichotomyof – still steaming on – still changing my life in small stealthy steps and I feel overwhelmingly happy and proud of my bad typing staying power. 

It’s true the posts have trailed off as the months progress but they haven’t ceased. Recently I’ve felt a little as though I should be more careful over what I say since I’ve begun to sell some craft-y things through it but a spot of recent heart searching has convinced me I should cast that off and continue to rant and ramble at will as it was never meant to be a marketing exercise.

I’ve had an amazing Wintermas – full of everything I hoped for. Also with loads of presents spelling out love in solid form and many bright lights.

My Dad had a very happy birthday party – all food lists were untangled and fully fulfilled with everything ticked off, duly delivered and delicious.

Zeph cooked us all tea from one of his (many) “top notch!” presents. Sam Stern’s Student Cookbook. 

Flying solo in the kitchen he produced this;

Orecchiette pasta & Crunchy Broccoli with garlic and lemon breadcrumbs. I can honestly say it was really tasty. I’m genuinely looking forward to more cooking adventures with him this year.

I’m also looking forward to being glitter free. Ida managed to empty an ENTIRE shaker of silver glitter all over the living room this week. I’m not sure if I’m crosser at Steve for having moved the shaker from a relatively Ida proof shelf during the urgent search for a Killing Joke CD (urgent? Hah!) or Zeph who was supposed to be keeping an eye on her but instead absorbed in his new beloved preloved (although it’s hard to imagine anyone loving it as passionately as he does) DS.

Or indeed myself for thinking I could fit in a flash shower.

I couldn’t bring myself to be cross with her after the first despairing wail as she was soooooo happy at having created her own snowglobe world. Steve says it causes a talking point at the till as everyone remarks on his sparkly beard. Then he has to smile.

It makes a change from every third passer by shouting Oi Santa! at him. Outside of the festive season they yell Oi Hagrid!  Such is the burden of the bearded. That and trouble with soup.

I gloomily predict it’ll take until next christmas to be free of the stuff. Until then we shall glimmer like escapees from a Ziggy Stardust tribute band.

Right now filling the time waiting for my creaky browser to have a little think about things with some knitting whilst Ida passes around cups-of-tea in her new red polka dotted tin tea-set and Zeph is absorbed in a new book, next to Steve doing the crossword I feel enwrapped in Beautiful Things.

Glittery ones.


8 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. We had a glitter escape, too. Three tubs of the stuff. And Eleanor still gets upset when she wants to make Christmas cards and there’s no glitter! (Obviously, she’s also struggling to understand that we don’t still need Christmas cards.) am very impressed with Zeph’s cooking.

    • Damn glitter! This was a huge tub which I thought I was being very clever and economical in purchasing – Gah! Never again…. 🙂 Ida is really mourning Christmas at the moment. She lay on the floor and cried this morning because the tree is gone.
      The cooking was great – hand on heart the only help I gave was draining the pasta because our pan is so unwieldy and heavy. Some of the broccoli was more raw than crunchy – hell – raw brocolli = v good for you 🙂

      Have gone through the book and stuck post it notes on everything I like the look of – long may it last!

  2. Happy New Year! I’m still finding sparkles on my face and the rest of the house from glittery cupcakes! Very impressed with the pasta too!

  3. having worked in the most glittery of places – the faerie shop – I can inform you that NO you will never get rid of the glitter….ever!!!!! There is still ‘faerie dust’ in my life even after 13 years ….urgh!

  4. She sounds like my dauughter, She made snow out of polysterhene last year for her Uncle when he came for Christmas (year before last I mean) and that set off months of bloody angst. The good news is he has found his own place at last so hoping our homes will be really ours very soon. Here’s to creative and loving souls

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