more small things

Walking to school this morning Zeph was highly satisfied with the frosted grass and his icy puffs of breath. Despite freezing my toes off I had to agree that I liked the seasonal snap as well although my too tender heart bleeds for all the drooping blossom and withered spring flowers.

Ida is still in her commanding birthday mood. She had a brilliant array of presents so we’ve had a happy couple of days playing with new playdough, concocting a stream of lurid teaparties and many, many games of snap and pairs.

She’s also done brilliantly well for clothes over the last month which means on family outings we all look slightly mismatched. A princess amidst scarecrows.

We had a happy afternoon icing cupcakes and the big, minutely described , birthday cake.

I was especially amused by the way we had to sing happy Birthday to each of us through out the day, so nobody felt left out.

I spent today sorting through fabrics and beads. My stock is at very low levels as I did so well on the christmas markets. At night my head is buzzing with new ideas but it’s hard carving out the time to really get stuff done ( I’m pretty sure that’ll sound familar to everyone…)

My sister bought me this much lusted after spice drawer set a few b’days ago. (she does the BEST presents.) I’ve had it in my kitchen where you couldn’t really see it and it never really worked for my spices which always seem to end up in jamjars… So I retrieved  it, gave it a wash and filled those china drawers with delicously clinking beads.

I pass it many times a day and quite a few of those times I stop to look in one of those drawers and it cheers me. Immensely.

Small, round Beautiful Things.


8 responses to “more small things

  1. Lovely, candy-topped cake and beautiful cabinet. Glad Ida had such a fine day.

  2. That is a splendid cake!

  3. Lovely post with that wonderful writing of yours again. Wow to the cake and I so love your house and its lived-in joyfulness.

  4. I love, love the little drawers but then I love drawers, boxes and baskets, even if they have nothing in them, just love looking at them. Sorry, I know I’m odd. lol

  5. Taking a shower when you come home from the beach.It’s been a long afternoon in the sun. Your hair still smells like the beach and there’s a layer of powdered sand on in between your toes that no amount of wading in the ocean seemed to cure. There’s sand deposits in your bathing suit and you’ve since become disheartened at trying to remove any more of it. The towel you’re sitting on in the car is damp and feel scratchy with sand. Dairy Queen has no more Oreos, so you have to get an m&m flurry instead.You arrive home and dash in the house. You let the shower run until the steam smells like the beach too. You get in and feel the sand washing away, leaving your skin all baby soft and raw from so much sand and hot sun. You step out into a fresh pair of clothes. You realize there’s still another whole half of the day left!

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