The sun is shining – I am ridiculously grateful. Even though it exposes the air in my home as thick with dust, the lift to my spirits is immeasurable.

Fickle and shallow as it may be, the BT’s are much easier to see in the open dazzle of sunlight. Ida and I did some park mooching yesterday afternoon, me reading a book while she clambered up the climbing nets and mountaineered up the slide (what’s wrong with going up the ladder?) I had a real whiff of long summer evenings which put heart into me.

Right now I’m taking a break from fashioning some giant gamekeeper style keys for Steve’s dressing up Saturday in the shop. Inevitably he is Hagrid – it would be a shame to waste the beard. Zeph begged him to be Edward Lear with his beard full of birds but he shied away from having an owl under his chin all day. Also he does gruff and uncouth much better than twinkly and genial. He may look like Manny but his soul is Bernard through and through.*  Which suits me.

The lighter days are encouraging me to put my head up from the path in front of me… and I’ve joined Twitter. Always on the cutting edge me.

I like it a lot but not sure it completely suits my skill set. I feel slightly struck dumb. There’s a feeling you’re shoving your way into things – I feel awkward but there’s so much to enjoy as well. Not least a sense of connection.

Reflecting on how brilliantly blogging has turned out for me I’m determined to try more new stuff. Zeph has clearly caught my internal resolution from the air. He’s just done a few climbing sessions which he really liked and joined football club. Tonight before bed he has chilled the blood of both Steve and I by casually asking if just anyone can do taxidermy.

The mind boggles. I am afraid to google.

*Black Books 🙂


4 responses to “Sunshine

  1. Love Black Books! I’m also on twitter which felt odd at first but I’ve met a lovely group of like minded folk and enjoy their tweets. I think its always a case of the more the merrier with twitter, so much so it can sometimes be hard to keep up! But its all good fun. enjoy!

    • You’re absolutely right – it is a lot of fun 🙂 LOVE your nans – feel quite inspired! I use a recipe that uses yoghurt but they never get that fluffy, yours looked delicous…

  2. I continue to love your blog. I read it in a different way to others. I treat it like my fave chocolate bar, something to be indulged in as a treat rather than looked at every day. Spring really does help the spirits. You continue to amaze me with your lovely writing.
    Stick with Twitter and don’t worry about forcing your way in as that is very much the way it works and nobody minds. Leads to exciting things too

    • Thank you Kate – what a truly lovely comment – never mind the sunshine, it really made my day. You’re quite right about twitter and thank you for all your lovely support and encouragment there 🙂

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