Things to do with spaghetti and sausages

I refuse to slope off to bed yet again without managing a post.

There’s lots of stuff jumbling around in my head but it never seems to make it to the blank white screen. And, just as in the morning you’re left with a few tattered fragments of a hard nights dreaming,  now I’m here – the pithy and witty thoughts have fled.

It matters not as I’ve something really special to share from a lunchtime adventure. Weeks ago on a vomiting tour of Bristol I bought Ida a magazine from the Arnolfini bookshop. It’s called Okido and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has held her attention much longer than many other things and I was charmed by the style and quality of it. Each edition is themed and this particular one was habitat – a word which I presently hear quite a lot of. Don’t get me wrong – I am glad, just a little weary…

Anyway one of the pages had this suggestion for construction play and I have been nagged to the edge of my, already perilous, sanity. Today I succumbed.


Try not to notice the playdough fingernails. We did wash our hands, honest to Mab.

Yes  – what we’re looking at here is building things with frankfurters and raw spaghetti. You can use vege sausages, they need to be hotdog style ones, whichever you pick.



I mean, I knew she’d enjoy it but who knew I’d get such a kick out of it as well?  

 They did end up more like odd DNA models than anything an architect would recognise..unless they’d trained at the Dr Seuss academy.

 It was the most joyful hour I can remember for a while. Turns out Ida knows what a tripod is and can construct one, how did that happen?

Then, once our creating thirst was quenched, we tipped the lot into a pan of boiling water.

 Do avert your eyes from the squalor. My kitchen floor is a flylady hotspot of ginormous proportions.

A scant eight minutes in the pan and DA DAAAAA

 I really feel I can’t fully convey the satisfaction in eating the deconstructed structures. I’m laughing to myself again at how much I enjoyed that bowlful. I can only urge you, with the zeal of a new convert, to go forth and build then eat your own sausage spaghetti wonder.



7 responses to “Things to do with spaghetti and sausages

  1. I loved that you cooked and ate your construction materials.

  2. Too cool, although I guess I’d leave that activity to Hubby as I have yet to find a gluten free hotdog sausage (I’m sure they exist somewhere!).

    I’ve just been catching up with your posts; Bristol sounded both fabulous and awful, IYKWIM! Bugs like that are hard enough, but not being at home and trying to get back there…ugh! And the inevitability of the rest of the family being struck down too; grim. Sometimes I have to openly force myself to send my children to school despite my fears that I will be exposed to some unholy stomach bug, but Zeph’s indignance at being well enough to start term did make me chuckle. L xx

    • I did once in long ago vegan days track down an allegedly glutun free vegan dog for a friend. I could NOT recommend it – it made her turn a reproachful face to me and say “I thought we were friends..” lol!

      Thanks for the comment- it’s good to know I’m not alone in mixing sympathy when faced with the first signs of illness with the oh -god, we’re ALL in for it now thought!

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