Packing mayhem

Oh my life, I’m taking a break from packing.

Things should get easier now Ida’s gone to bed as I won’t have to keep fishing her additions out of the bags. So far this evening I’ve retrieved a rollerskate, a wooden spoon, the box of paints and Zeph’s wetsuit that no longer fits him. All useful items in some other scenario I’m sure but unwanted for five days in London with Julianne.

We’re all highly excited and I’m sure there’ll be tears at some point. I’ve tried not to over think stuff which is something I do a little. Maybe I went too far the other way as today has felt a little hectic.

Hectic but full of brilliant stuff and so many Beautiful Things it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Mum and Dad came for pickled fish lunch today to plant out the potatoes and distribute easter and birthday presents like very Boho easter bunnies. It was a hugely happy afternoon and the sun shone bountifully on some very focused potato planting.

The potato race between the kids is becoming an established ritual. They each get a bag and the same amount of chitted treasure. When the plants are ready we harvest each bag with forensic carefulness and count up the bounty. The bag with the most tubers (regardless of size) wins.

We have ready, set and gone – only a few months to wait. Zeph believes he has this years edge with a sprinkle of ground volcanic rock mixed in with the compost. I reserve all judgement.

My mum dressed up in the gardening apron with the string pocket I made her last year and Ida spent a long while eyeing it up covetously. I’m thinking of running some up for the summer craft stalls.  String dispensing pockets are actually very useful.

Our lizard has been unwell so we’re glad to see him looking a bit more sprightly and eating more. I feel happier about leaving him for a while and Zeph has stopped checking he’s still breathing every hour or so. He shot into the bedroom earlier in the week at about 6.30 am shrieking he thought Sticky was dead. I leapt to my feet, raced downstairs half asleep, missed the last few steps and knocked my arm out of its socket on the door jamb. I was sick on the floor from the pain and Steve had to come down, avoid the sick, push it back into its socket, ice me up and clear up. All under the watchful gaze of a bemused lizard who’d been enjoying a nice nap.

I’ve been on full strength drugs all week and quite enjoyed the cotton wool cloud feeling. I know I can’t let it go on too long though so have brought my dosages down which has resulted in a bit of evening snappiness.

I think the kids were quite glad to go to bed tonight and I’m sure Steve would’ve liked to have joined them. Too bad beardie – we’ve got rucksacks to fill…

I think the blossom will be over by the time we’re home again. The plum-tree was frothy with white flower frills today but the liquid green leaves are overtaking it. There’s very little on the apple tree this year but the crab apple is covered in deep pink buds. I hope there’s some left on Thursday these crimson lake edged petals are thrilling.

The peony’s first bud is showing as well – I can NOT wait! I do love my  blowsy ephemeral peonies so much.

I’ve bought a phone to go away with as well. The cheapest I can find which is ten pounds.

TEN POUNDS. Honestly – I feel ludicrously old. How can a mobile phone – okay it’s hardly flashy – but it’s perfectly functional – be £10 and a stamp  is now 60p. Or a Snickers bar which is, in my mind, about 27p be 89p!! I nearly drop my purse everytime I’m conned into chocolate bar purchasing in our corner shop BUT a phone – a mobile, walking around, put it in my pocket, startrek future, phone is TEN POUNDS.

It all seems wrong. Is this because I’m old?

Anyway I’ve finally mastered how to answer it and we’ve uncovered our oyster cards. I’ve tracked down enough clean socks and hole less pants in case of road accidents for us all. We have toothbrushes and new paste. I’m having a minty fresh break from the salty stuff. Ida is over her horror at being presented with a tube of Hungry Caterpillar stuff. I thought she’d be pleased, she thought I was a monsterous, caterpillar grinding ogre. Surely this is all we need?

Look out Big City…


10 responses to “Packing mayhem

  1. HA! You should see what I get on my phone for £10 a month….it’s the bloody moon on a stick!

  2. You should see what I get on my phone for £10 a month….the bloody moon on a stick!!!

  3. They’ve gone up then, My previous phone was a PAYG at £9.
    Have a good trip!

    • 🙂 Thank you! It wasn’t actually the cheapest, which was £7 -SEVEN POUNDS!! I’m off – reeling around again – causing Zeph some eye rolling…. but this one’s got a tiny keyboard which I thought might make texting less taxing.

  4. hmmm…i can just talk into mine and then tell it who to send the text to. and then use the compass, meal planner, period tracker, take a photo and upload it to facbook, find out what stars are in the sky and buy train tickets…
    …whilst playing angry birds….
    …in space…..
    ……join the dark side; we have apps 😉

    • Ha – look gamerwoman – stop swinging your tech around! I’ll need to have a small sit down and a rest anyway – you know how I feel about aliens talking into yr ear via phones….

  5. Sorry it’s taken me so comment on your blog. I hope you all had a fantastic trip to London! How’s your arm now? I bet that was so painful! Hope your lizard is fully recovered too.. I absolutely love the blossoms. I can’t stop gazing at them when I’m walking home from work. my dad gave me an apple tree sapling for Easter and it’s just starting to promise a tiny few blossoms. I can’t wait!!

    • Thank you – it was a great trip and my arms pretty good now – as is the lizard! He’s gazing balefully at me right now considering how he could eat me..that’s reptiles for you! My blossom is nearly over but I’ve really enjoyed it. Our apple tree is pretty small too, this is our third year but it’s usually weighed down with apples.
      I have a real hankering for a quince. My M&D have one and it’s such a beautiful tree, maybe next year 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time to comment – I’ve just been catching up on your blog. Congratulations on your own domain (is that right?) and we LOVE your macaroons… mmmmmmm 😀

  6. Hope you had a fantastic trip to London.!! Hope your arm is feeling much better too. I’m loving the blossoms at the moment. they brighten up my walks to work. My dad gave me an apple sapling for Easter . it’s promising a few blossoms already. I can’t wait!

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