Snails, slippers and impromptu haircuts

Even grey mornings have their special charm when seen through the eyes of a three-year old with new wellies. Mab bless her for keeping the cheeriness quota up in the house.

The weather this year seems to have prompted a snail and slug population boom. Luckily my total lack of garden lovin’ ensures there is plenty of weedy greenery to go round.

This pleases Ida immensely and her garden investigating in between showers involves collecting the various hues and sizes of shelled molluscs. That and woodlouse herding, marigold petal picking and making secret paths in the grass which is nearly as high as her.

Other news from this place here include the successful antibiotic choice to see off the infection in my less bad hip (in that there’s still a socket) AND cortisone injections – very successful and welcome. Whoo hoo.

My mood is taking a while to bounce back up. I’m biding my time as experience tells me it’ll eventually get back on board. Until then my world has shrunk to the bare basics. I’m still spotting BT’s but the whole system feels a bit forced and creaky… still in action though.

Fathers day was  happy, Steve worked but opened cards and presents before he left and came home to a feast of jerk chicken, plantains, dirty rice, festivals and mango salsa.

It’s a pleasure cooking with Zeph now – he’s a genuine help, in fact he made the festivals and the mango salsa completely solo. Ida watches, stirs and chops herbs and a mushroom which didn’t really get used but occupied her for at least 30 mins. All we need now is a bigger kitchen…

We had a pleasurable couple of afternoons beforehand painting cards and sewing slippers; 


We bought the plain cheap slippers and decorated them ourselves with various beloved mini beasts including, of course:

Yesterday I did a hack job on my hair. Never a good idea – I just got incredibly cross when brushing out the dreadlocky knots I’d let build up and cut off my pony tail with the sewing scissors. Luckily Ida was elsewhere as this is NOT an example I should set her as I’m constantly finding little golden locks where she’s been unable to resist the swishing sounds she loves so much.

I did neaten it up but judging from the hair on the floor I reckon I cut off about two-thirds of the length and did anyone (including my nearest and dearest) notice?

Did they bleeding heck. Which leads me to conclude that no-one sees me.

Of course it could be because I mostly wear it scraped back and twisted up so no bugger has any idea what it looks like down anyway.

I suppose I should just be glad we don’t have any clippers in the house as it could have been so much worse.

13 responses to “Snails, slippers and impromptu haircuts

  1. Once upon a very long time ago I dyed my dark brown hair bright orange. After a couple of hours in the house my dad said “have you had your hair cut?” I love those slippers, what an ace idea. Also – what are festivals? Rest of feast sounds amazing and now I am hungry…

    • Ha! cannot tell you how much this has cheered me. When I was heavily pregnant with Zeph I painted our tiny flat frontroom from white to cobalt blue in hormone induced madness while Steve was at work. He came home, ate tea, read some of his book then when turning the light off to come to bed some four hours later said Ooof – you’ve painted!

      I should have realised then.

      Festivals are delicous little fried cornbreadish dumplings. 125g cornmeal 125g flour 1tbsp sugar 1tsp baking powder 1tsp salt mixed together with cold water then roll into small sausage shapes and shallow fry in whatever oil you prefer – quite hot so they puff up quick and aren’t greasy. Nice with chilli as well. As well as just hot from the pan…Zeph is now itching to direct and star in his very own blogpost concerning them 🙂 Also he is very interested to know what you did with your rabbit skins? Did you consider curing them? Should I worry about how much he wants to dissect stuff?

      • Errr, I’m afraid I just got rid of them along with the gruesome bits. I did contemplate keeping them and doing something with them but suspected I wouldn’t get round to it before they went all disgusting. I don’t really know what I’d do with them, really. Anything I made with them would look completely horrendous as I am no seamstress. But it did seem a shame to get rid of them…

  2. I dont “see ” you but I do read you,and I love your blog,please keep posting.
    I know how it feels to be “invisible” but if you did fall of the planet tomorrow people would miss you x

    • Thank you Louise – such a very lovely comment and very much needed and appreciated 🙂 Steve has wriggled out of error by saying I am so much more than just hair to him… ha!

  3. I got new glasses recently – black frames, quite different from what I’d had before. Went to the pub wearing them, had a drink with a couple of male friends – no comment. Female friend turns up – “You’ve got new glasses!” Both the blokes then said that they’d noticed too. So why didn’t they say so??

    I *love* your pictures of Ida with the snail – I think she might be able to persuade even me to love them, if only they’d stop eating my strawberries.

    • They eat everything! Today Ida gave some a custard cream and they devoured it. She is VERY pleased with them all… but not slugs – slugs are a different story. It’s shellist without a doubt. We’ve got some huge orange frilled ones which always send her squealing into the kitchen howling, “he’s looking at me!”

      Poor slugs…

  4. Wonderful slippers. Ida looks like a cutie as always and Zeph’s cooking skills will stand him in good stead when he opens his own restaurant, in the zoo that he will inevitably run at the same time. Tim mentioned today that we hadn’t had you guys round for ages so we must arrange something. Big big love! Hx

  5. growingthings

    What a lovely photo of Ida and the snail. They both have such wonderful looks of concentration in the card painting one. I feel your hair chopping pain as I got severely fed up with brushing out my (intentional) dreadlocks and hacked off the tricky ones at my neck…I’ve only just stopped having to pin it up separately!
    Oh! And what are your thoughts on gluten free Festivals? They sound a too delicious a treat to miss 🙂

  6. I see you my dear and like you very much. You amaze me with your beautiful writing, the wonderful way you feed your children and get them involved too and on so many other levels too. Must visit you more often as always love it when I do. Get back to blogging! We need you.

  7. Where are you? Missing your posts flying into my inbox. T xxx

  8. A Life Less Simple

    Hi Laura, really hope all is ok with you. I have tagged you if you fancy taking part Miss your colourful posts!

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