It’s true. I’m not at all little. Also at the age of 37 I’ve had to reluctantly admit I’m not Jo March.

When I was a child my mother had one of those hippie political posters on the wall of the kitchen, you may recognise it – a job advertisement listing the skills a parent needs and the appropriate wage and then pointing out how undervalued Motherhood is. I remember very clearly sneering as a teenager at what I saw as outdated, no longer needed feminist soapboxing.


Having always worked – mostly in ludicrously low paid retail  jobs I am now at home raising my son and daughter full-time. I worked after Zeph (8 yrs) was born but frankly the childcare costs came to more than my wage when I planned to go back after Ida (2 yrs) was born. We can squeeze by on my partners wage until I formulate another plan.

Until then it seems I am a little woman, a homemaker, a domestic do-er. Can’t tell you how sick I am of the what do you do? question. Frankly quite a bloody lot and most of it’s pretty boring but it’s all fecking vital and oh the irony Mum – REALLY undervalued. 

Also I actually really like making stuff. Clothes and jam and steak and kidney puddings.  All the stuff that makes, well, a home damn it. Yet would rather be free with a fork Betty Blue style than actually utter the words homemaker to the fore mentioned question. I also swear too much, have a pretty sketchy mental health record and would describe myself as a feminist.

Frankly life’s a struggle isn’t it?  I’ve always been a drifter and thought I might document some of it here… and I’d love to hear from you so please feel free to post any comments!

15 responses to “About

  1. Lovely to meet you, struck some chords reading this. Homemaker is a great title, I had forgotten about and may re-adopt. I would love that poster, made me giggle reading about it, but like you sounds all too true.

    • Hello – thank you, feeling slightly starstruck as I enjoy your blog so much. It’s taken a while to dip my toe into actually writing some words as well as reading blogs whilst cackling away to myself! but I’m really liking it and get a ridiculously disproportionate sense of satisfaction from posting!

      Painfully true about the poster! – my mum thinks she’s got it somewhere – very possible as she throws nothing away – and I’m nagging her to dig it out so I can scan it…

  2. Hi, I’ve enjoyed reading your honest insights on parenting. Lovely posts.

    • Thanks so much – I’m new to this and comments are so encouraging. Your 40 things posts are really inspiring and it’s lovely to hear you talking about familar places as I’m in Gloucester too, good luck with your challenges!

  3. Just having a wee nosey around your blog, so very true about being undervalued. It seems we’ve become defined by what we do and not what we are. Keep drifting, staying still is so very boring and unexciting….;)

  4. Ah, a girl after my own heart.
    You’ve found me already though haven’t you?
    I too would call myself a feminist, in the truest sense of the word, desiring equality for men and women as opposed to superiority for one.
    I too am a ‘homemaker’, HATING having to try to find a title for what I do with my time whilst I am not in paid employment.
    I too am an undervalued mother with a ‘sketchy mental health record’ I am SO adopting that phrase.
    Now tell me … how do I add a blogroll of my fave blogs to my sidebar here on WordPress?

    • Hello – I think we are not alone… Lovely to hear from you and I have definitely found you – hope that’s it’s okay I’ve put you in my blog roll. It’s just dragging the links widget to your sidebar then updating your links list from the dashboard menu on the left, (under posts and media) Was that a rhetorical question and I look like an arse? I’m completely at home there if that’s the case 🙂 Good luck with the grey days, sounds like you’ve got a handle on them. Celebrating small successes definitely works for me.

      • Not rhetoric, definitely genuine, on this occasion, you do not look like an arse. Will try and build my blogroll now! Thanks for making me part of your blogroll, and for the assistance, and for the new turn of phrase, and for the moral support. x

  5. Hello! You visited today so I thought I’d return the honour – going to have a little look round now! Great to ‘meet’ you 🙂

    • 🙂 Good morning! it’s very lovely to see you – thanks so much for popping in and saying hello. I really enjoy your blog -I’m trying to comment more and stop hanging around at the back shuffling my feet in social awkwardness. All the best.

  6. Awoman after my own heart…I was so pleased to stumble on your pages..you write extrememly well…shall return for another look soon..Eliza Keating

    • Thank you so much – such a lovely comment! your blog really makes me want to write more creatively – thanks for taking the time to leave comment. I think stumbling across great writing and things you identify with is my favourite thing about blog hopping. 🙂

  7. You are brilliant. I am a huge fan and I have only visited your blog for about 7 minutes

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