dichotomyof makes…

a hash of stuff?

No no no! I do make a variety of sumptuous things including;


and new addition for summer…

Fairy wings – quite different from net and wire ones, softly padded and quilted and hang down a la Tinkerbell.

Patchwork cushions and bags,

Teacup pincushions,


As well as a variety of fabric and felted hair slides and jewellery.

I’m also making small steps towards an Etsy shop but until that momentous day – please feel free to leave me a comment or email directly on


if you’d like to buy or commission something. Post charges depend on the item.

I also have a Facebook page,

Angel Wings Laura at dichotomyof

which is good for updates on new stuff and craft fairs coming up.

If you’ve seen something you liked at a fair or I sold out too quickly do get in touch as I’m happy to make stuff up to order. In fact I’d love to hear from you about anything so comment away!

Thanks a lot for dropping by, hope to see you again soon !

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