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Never too late for love

Liebster Award - 2012

Lovely Poppy at A Life Less Simple, (a blog name so apt it makes me smile every time I click on it) very kindly gifted me one of these awards just after Christmas. It made my day when I saw – I have had one before and I’m hoping it’s not against any rules to gather it up to myself again joyfully. As she says – it’s heartwarming to know people read the ramblings and my heart leaps at every comment.

The Liebster is a great way of connecting, sharing new or smaller blogs and spreading the love.

 There can never be too much love.

The rules are simple – tag the blog who passed you the award and pass it on to five others. Small blogs, under 200 subscribers. Although this bit is sometimes tricky to guage, if I picked you and you’re too big – sorry! but who can resist a little love?

Oh and put up the badge… and message the recipients.

So, first of all – A Life Less Simple is written by Poppy who lives on her small holding in of the most beautiful parts of britain, quite near to me – the Forest of Dean. I really enjoy her blog and photographs and  always find something interesting, stimulating or lovely there. She’s also been very kind and encouraging from my first shaky blog steps.

So here are my  go-and-reads off the top of my head. (I’m practising being decisive…)


Love this new find. Great to read a dads view and refreshing to find such an eclectic mix of posts. The first post I ever read was this one and I genuinely laughed out loud, as much as I love my hometown, it said Gloucester to me…

Crafty Cats Corner

Another of my new finds (only new to me – I suspect it’s possibly too big… sorry Briony!)  Cats, loads of brilliant making, lots of crafty stuff new to me – what’s not to love? Briony’s colour choices and gorgeous intricate embellished patchwork pieces make me thrum with pleasure.

Growing Things and Making Things

Rachel resides on a rural  small holding and her posts are an invigorating mix of updates on the work going in to it and transforming their house and other stuff. (I AM a stuff connoisseur you know…) So much there to be inspired by and interested in. I love her resourcefulness, interest in the world around her, analytical approach and great sense of humour. Always a bright spot in my bloghopping.


I know I’ve already passed this award along here before but it’s just such a fantastic site. A sketch a day and I love how it illustrates (look what I did there…)  how so much can be skilfully shown succinctly. Go and look. I love her.

Better late then never and once again – big thanks to Poppy.

ah…the blank page

There must just be hundreds of new blogs begun today. This is my first but I am a past master at the new diary. It’s the terrible temptation of the clean blank page balanced against the weight of it. The pressure of getting the words completely perfect. As you’ve probably already realised I’ve decided to resist the pressure for perfection. I find that’s best or nowt would get done.

Well another festive season is over – along with a lot of desperate present crafting and decoration making. Zeph, my son, has been collecting pinecones throughout the year and we barely made an impact on his mountain. Will devote some time soon to trying to figure out how I can convert this raw resource into possible presents for next year…hmmm. Poor friends and family.

Although this is my first blog I do spend a lot of time reading them. It’s like a permissable form of stalking (don’t be afraid!) but I am always slightly dismayed by how perfect you lovely lot are. Even when being chaotic you’re witty, urbane and ultimately successful. When you’re low and depressed you manage to be very emotionally articulate and forward looking. I think it’s like when you fill in personal details on surveys – you know – like; what newspapers do you read? How often? Hobbies? and you put what papers you’d like to think you read every day to ensure cultural awareness and the hobbies you’re pretty sure you’d enjoy if you ever got the time or cash to try them. Aspirational self editing. I’m (as you see) going to avoid that.
I started the year by cooking an amazing roast beef dinner but have already tarnished the fresh start by going to bed without washing up. Tomorrow I’ll be whipping Zeph into making Thank You cards, a task eased by the printing set he got as a gift. I’ll let you know how it goes and whether actual blood is spilt.