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Portrait gallery

We have paparazzi in our midst.

Ida has discovered the power of the big button on my camera and given half a chance sets out to document some moments of everyday life. She’s known how to turn it on and flick through taken photo’s for ages. It’s my sure-fire way of distracting her in till queues or in assemblies since I don’t have a mobile phone which seems to be the twenty first century version of a twisted stick.

Her very favorite thing is to take pictures of our faces. It’s all very hit and miss, especially considering the lack of length in her arms. The beauty of digital is that she can take as many as she likes.  Often she strikes gold.

It’s rare to see a photo of me I love – this one is the best of a very close up bunch where Ida was carefully trying to get my spell freckles in. They’re on the left, under my eye. Small brown beauty spots in a rough spiral. Both the kids used to soothe themselves to sleep by tracing it over and over with a thoughtful careful finger just before dropping off. Zeph declared it was a magic spell and still does it in troubled times.

Of course Zeph has to get in on the act. The house rings with the squabbling over the camera. He has a lot of directions to give but also comes up with the occasional beautiful result. I love this shot (possibly because it’s blurringly beautiful like a silvered regency mirror.) People rarely say “don’t they look like you?..” about my blond-haired blue-eyed daddies-darlings and upside down I think we look-alike around the chin.

I don’t know if Ida took this one or Z but it’s definitely a winner. Oh the cross-eyed adoration.



I think families are pretty amazing. Infuriating, suffocating, unreasonable sometimes traumatic and damaging but then sometimes – just amazing. Had a really happy family day today and am reminded to count my blessings. (and the silver teaspoons once they’re gone…only joking guys)

(What do you mean Asda teaspoons, 38p for 4, aren’t sterling silver?)

My daughter has had another wonderful, centre-of-attention, lots of chocolate kind of day and has gone to sleep troubled only by the thought there may be a dinosaur under the cot. I wish that was the extent of my night time worrying.


and this is what happens when you turn your back…