sprouts and clean sheets

This is the last post for January which means I’m one twelfth through my unspoken resolution. Got to tell you it’s a commitment record for me. Whoop.

I really like some of the achievement style list and life goals I’ve seen around the blogosphere on my (far too regular) aimless wanderings. Turning some goals over in my mind I think the main one for now is to keep going, and be more present in the moment…. and wash up more. Plus a few more unspoken ones, actually saying or typing them will jinx them I’m sure so I’m not running the risk. 

I’m surprisingly cheerful considering today is a fail so far on all my get organised, be tidier, do some cleaning daily resolutions. Could be because I’m about to put clean sheets on the bed which means clean fresh beds to slide into tonight.

 Also there appear to be NO new spots today, break out the gin – which is hilarious because I have obviously already drained any spirit bottles left unadvisedly around.

I’m attempting a patchwork bag as a b’day gift for a friend who’s coming for tea on Thursday.  For some reason my sewing machine wants to thwart me in this plan, tangling and chewing my pieces at every opportunity. Maybe it’s a sign but since I really can’t afford to shop properly and am sticking to the house to avoid any kind of temptation. I’ll try again later once I’ve confined the spotty one to bed.

Lots of beautiful things today. Shopping with Ida was fun with lots of time for her to help pick all the veg – she examines each sprout in detail. Any that aren’t perfectly green and spherical are returned to the box with a tiny disapproving frown. My granny would be proud.


3 responses to “sprouts and clean sheets

  1. Hi, nice post, in fact have been enjoying all your posts. I’m curious to know though, where is your list of books?

    • oh- the shame – well I wanted to be able to put posts onto that other page so they came up in date order but am woefully unable to master that level of technical ability so have decided to to just post and edit them into the top as I read… got a pile of them I want to put on…I did think I’d start tonight but got sidetracked taking my sewing machine apart and thought I’d better reassemble it when I still remembered roughly what went where!

      Also thought at bedtime how nice it would be to list the kids favourite books as well…

  2. Oh I know what you mean. I have these fantasies of how I would like my blog to look, and how I would like to present it, but lack the technical ability to know how to do it. I love books, kids and adults alike. My youngest son is 10 and he still asks me to read him ‘No matter what’ by Debi Gliori. It’s such a lovely book, with such a positive message. The other one I loved when they were little was ‘Peepo’ by Alan Ahlberg. ………………Ahh yes I could go on forever about books, as you can tell. Good luck with the sewing machine!

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