Small people, small pleasures.

I absolutely knew this was going to happen.

Possibly all that guff about spending more time with your small child means you have a better understanding of them is true. Although half the time I have no idea what Ida is saying. People look at me inquiringly for a translation and I have to pretend I’ve got something in my eye.

I’m inserting a picture here. It’s very dark – should have used a flash…

The darkness suits my mood… What we’re looking at people is a curtain rail that was already slightly fragile being affixed as it was by some inadequate screws, no-nails and hope, now barely holding up the curtains *cough* curtain linings.

I’d relaxed as a few days had passed since the show but it turns out she was biding her time and I caught her this morning swinging wildly from said curtain, near the rail, upside down like a fruit bat. “I fly! I fly!” Now the rail is hanging off.

Delighted as I am that they’ve embraced the circus dream the damage limitation is getting a little old.

 I scared the hell out of Steve last night by sharing the history of one of the little scars on my ribs – the bath Alice and I took just after I’d finished reading Moby Dick where Alice and I pretended to harpoon each other. With the sharp knives from the cooking drawer. We have nearly identical scars and my mum had an actual meltdown and a weekend in her darkened bedroom with us tiptoeing around and bringing her special soothing herbal teas.

It all lies ahead of us. Can’t wait.

On a more cheerful note I stopped off for some buttons on the way home today. My tin is getting low and a nearby shop has a brilliant stock of old button bought up in stock clearances. Every now and again I get a handful.

I love them. As I’ve said before it’s the small things that please me the most.


4 responses to “Small people, small pleasures.

  1. Those buttons cheer me up immensely too. Lovely picture.
    That shark story is scary! But I think we have conferred on this before and we have both had to take knives off our toddlers. So who knows what is round the corner, tis the magic of small children is it not?
    Glad the post struck a chord, loved reading yours too, you always have a good story!

  2. growingthings

    Scary story, but seriously rectified by the buttons picture…

    Button envy a go go in this house!

    • 🙂 My mum has a neverending supply of scary stories about us. She enjoys making me go pale then cackling heartlessly…

      I’m trying to think of something to make with some of those buttons and my new glue gun!

  3. Great story, and lovely buttons. I like the colours.

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